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About Tunnicliffe Bows

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Violin, viola, cello and double bass bows

All bows are hand made to order by Brian Tunnicliffe in his workshop at Templecombe in Somerset, England.

Some examples of Brian's commissions are:

  • A prestigious order from the Becket Collection, which is housed in the Royal Academy of Music, to make 14 baroque bows.
    • This is part of the Vivaldi project to create a full Baroque Orchestra of instruments and bows for the use of the Academy students.
    • Some of the completed commissions will be on display at the Genius of the Violin Festival in 2006, with the first concert scheduled later in the year, in the name of the Serafin Ensemble.
  • A commission by the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra for 9 bows
  • A commision just received (2009) for a set of Three Viola da Gamba bows for the Royal Academy of Music.