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Testimonial - part 6

The final touches include applying burnishing cream to the stick to produce a stunning mirror finish to show off the grain. The edges of the frog are 'rounded a little' to make the bow more comfortable in the hand. The frog is french polished, before being machine buffed to a high finish using a cutting compound followed by a polishing compound. Each bow is stamped with Tunnicliffe's name, its date of completion, its number and a tiny England brand. As soon as I set eyes on my red-brown pernambuco bow, my long wait for it paled into insignificance. The bow was exceptional, with evenly tapered chamfers, precise octagons and no deviations in curvature. A stunning, strong grain effect glowed through the stick, while the gold face, lapping, ferrule and Parisian eye glistened and contrasted with the dark dense ebony of the frog. The following day, a Swedish dealer offered to buy the bow from me at a substantial profit but I declined. I've found it impossible to part with my special Tunnicliffe bass bow.

The Tunnicliffe Bass Bow: vital statistics

The Tunnicliffe Bass Bow: vital statistics
Date and number of bow 96 27 (27th bow of 1996)
Weight of stick alone 60.7g
Balance of stick from end, without nipple 13.25in
Weight of frog alone 37.4g
Weight of button & screw 14.1g
Weight of stick plus frog & button 112.2g
Weight of complete bow 132g